In a Christian wilderness in 1903, a group of African Methodists, who had been warmly welcomed by the mother church of Perry, Florida, Spring Hill Missionary Baptist Church, decided it was time for them to worship under their own "vine and fig tree." This little group consisted of Millie Irving and her family; Dub Taylor and his wife, Fannie; James Anderson, his mother Linch Anderson, and his sister Nelia Bel Moore. They were soon joined by I.S. Roundree; Rosa James and her family; Ella Bowens and her children; Henry and Mattie Hargrove; and Viola Smith and her family. The first A.M.E. Church in Taylor County was organized and built on an acre of land donated and deeded to the group by Dub Taylor. It was named St. Paul by his wife, Fannie. Because the population was moving toward town, a new site was purchased for another church on East Main Street in East Perry. Some of the best remembered ministers who administered along the way were Rev. Wilder, Rev. Milton, Rev. Holton and Rev. Cooper.

The population shifted again. As a result, in 1926 under the guidance of Rev. Fuller White, the church was moved to the West side of town on Highway 19. While the members waited, New Mt. Zion allowed them to worship in its church. When the basement was finished, the parishioners moved in. The building was destroyed by fire. 

In 1937, property was acquired on West Suwannee Avenue. The parsonage was built by Rev. Fryer, the dining area by Rev. Pittman, and Rev. Harvey Ford remodeled the church in 1966. To finance the property, twelve men signed a note with Lee Cypress Company giving the lenders $1.00 out of their weekly wages until the debt was paid. These men were R. E. Stockton, Willie Hood, T. J. Cutliff, Detrich Smith, Frank Dunwood, D. C. Brown, Henry Jones, Lee Bryant, Charlie Green, B.W. Waldo, Hubert Wright and Cephus Brown. Stewart Memorial was the name given to this church. It has always had "wide-awake" Sunday School Superintendents, including S. A. Brasby, Henry Hargrove, Harvey Mayes, Matthew Holt, D. C. Brown, Thomas Tinsely, Freeman Bowman, Willie Hood and London Jackson. 

In 1973, Rev. F. H. Ashe was sent to the church, and when he died in 1974, Rev. F. J. Johnson came in with plans to build a new edifice. A group of Trustees was elected, which included Chairman Lloyd Grant, James W. Williams, Freeman Bowman, Robert Eagle, Richard Bell, Jr., Mamie Evans, Edith Johnson, Hazel Williams, and Susie Smith. Rev. Johnson presented a building budget to the congregation and before long, the membership was able to purchase five lots facing Highway 98, but in the same vicinity as the Suwanee Street property. In 1989, under the leadership of Rev. Lee Plummer, a fellowship hall and educational wing were added to the main edifice. 

Rev. Aaron M. Treadwell is the current pastor.